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Julia’s sweet family

I have been a bit behind on blogging, but I wanted to share a few from a sweet family session a few weeks ago.   This family was absolutely the kindest and so laid back.    Their two children are not only beautiful but they had that special sparkle that the camera just loves.  They were all so photogenic, it made my job so easy.   Thanks Julia for letting me be a tiny part of your day with your family.  By the way, this day also happened to be the couple’s anniversary!





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Finley’s Day

I recently helped a fellow photographer out with some special work.  We were fundraising for her nephew Finley, so he could receive cochlear implants to aid in his hearing.   Funny thing, I would have never been ale to tell he was hearing impaired.  Even though he couldn’t hear me, silly me kept making noises to get his attention.  He was so sweet and playful and didn’t fuss at all.   More to come, but meet Finley.  This tough guy is undergoing a big procedure soon.  Keep his family in your thoughts.   And isn’t he stunning?  I wanted to take him home.  To see the rest of the photos click the first photo to begin, and so on.




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Katie & Jeffrey tie the knot!

This sweet couple lives in the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee.  I was drooling over the scenery coming and going.  It is just amazing that this beautiful area is just in our backyard.

Here is a few from the ceremony.  The bride and groom were exhausted and opted not to take formal outdoor pictures, but we got some fantastic images from the ceremony.

Congrats Katie & Jeffrey on your beautiful wedding day.  Your family was so warm and welcoming, I felt right at home.  Click on the first photo to see the rest.




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Beth, Kevin & Jillian

One of my favorite families asked me to do their photos before they had their second baby.   We shot the session at UT Gardens.   Besides being one of my favorite clients, little Jillian is so big now!   She was running around and moving so fast.  I simply can’t wait for them to expand their family.  I look forward to watching them grow.    Beth is a high school english teacher (one of the best around if I might say so myself), and her husband works in health care.   Thank you Beth and Kevin  for asking me to be a fly on the wall for a few moments.   Your family is priceless.




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Now shooting at UT Gardens

Plaid  Barn Studios is now taking sessions at UT Gardens!  Book your session today.

The roses and summer flowers and gardens are in full bloom and it is such a beautiful, peaceful place to capture your special images.   If you are interested in having your family session there please let me know and we can ensure there are no events that day and that we are clear to have our session.  I have an upcoming shoot with the Potts family at UT Gardens and I couldn’t be more excited.

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Meet Phinneaus Jones

So we have been debating getting the kids a puppy for a while.  After extensive research we decided that if we did get a puppy we would look at the golden doodles.  They are known to be very healthy and great family dogs.   Josh and I took a ride to look at some.  We were thinking about a girl, but when we arrived there were only boys.  (I didn’t really care either way).    So, at Kathryn’s second birthday party (next weekend) we plan to surprise her with the puppy.   Puppies are her main interest aside from sweeping and cleaning with Mama.   So, meet Phin.   Either way, I am calling him Phinneaus.  So excited for the kids to meet him.  But shhhhhhhhhhhh… It’s a big surprise.   Click on the first to get to the next photo.  These were not the greatest pics, but I was inside and snapped fast.

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Savannah’s Senior Pictures

I had the pleasure of shooting Savannah’s senior session.  I am behind on blogs, but this one I just had to share.   She was so easy to work with and at the end her sweet boyfriend appeared.  What a wonderful family.  Mom, Grandma and boyfriend were all there supporting this smiling beauty.   Thanks Savannah.   It was truly an honor.  I hope you love your images, they are stunning.   Click on the first photo to get to the next and so on.


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Seven Years & My Favorite blog

I wrote this blog exactly a year ago    Josh and I are approaching our 7th anniversary of our first date, and instead of writing a new blog, I think I would like to re-hash the old and say a THANK YOU to the universe for letting me have a dude who takes such good care of us and letting me fly into the world of photography which is time consuming and a huge commitment for our family.   I think last year’s blog best covers my feelings on where we are today too, except this year we lost some precious souls. My grandfather Robert,  and my second Mom, Rhonda (Sloane’s Mama).  We miss you guys more than you know.  Gramps loved photography, and I’d like to think I am making him smile wherever he is cutting up and helping neighbors these days.

I feel nostalgic, like last year, especially at how our children have grown. I can’t believe Kathryn is almost 2, and I can’t believe Owen is starting Kindergarden and will turn 6 in July!  What else, oh Amy (the blondie pictured below laughing with me is getting ready to have her second baby, and I couldn’t be happier for her and Ben.  Makes me sad to live so far away.  (But this is home to me now).  My nephew Dominic is 15 (OMG), and my other BFF’s daughter/ niece Darian, has already graduated high school, top in her class.  Oh, and I have taken up running and ran a 4 mile race that about killed me.  (It was more of a mudder).  Time is a funny thing.   My sister’s kids Georgia and William are here all the time which makes being in Maryville awesome, and my brother just welcomed his third baby, a girl named Kate.  So among the heartache is so much good.   Much love to you.  As Natalie Merchant sings “Life is Sweet”.

All wedding images captured by Tony Spinelli Photography, based in Connecticut (google him, he is amazing!)  Click on the first photo to get to the next, and so on.



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Esau Family

Wade and I have been friends for gosh, about 15 years.  We used to work together, so when he called and asked me to do his professional head-shots and his family photos I was honored.  Admittedly, we have lost touch over the last few years with us both being so busy with family and life.   Interestingly, we both have sons that will go to school in the same town and live in the same school district, and will be  in the same grade!  I hope they will be in the same class someday.  Perhaps that will force us to keep in touch.

His family is ridiculously cute.  Let me follow that up with a quick story.  One day after work (a typical long sweaty day), I ran into Wade, his wife Cyndi and their son Liam at the grocery store.   Don’t tell them I said this, but I have I never felt so frumpy before.  I would have run, or hid by the cheese, but he saw me before I saw him.  His wife is one of those women that you just can’t believe can look like that without a stitch of makeup on.   I obviously love photographing those people, they make my job look like walking on air.  Anyway, here are some of their family session this past weekend.  

A little about Wade and Cyndi, they are not only a handsome family, but super smart and successful to boot.  Wade works as a Business Support Manager  for the Americas,  global touch-screen company.   Cyndi is an  Electrical Engineer at ORNL.  They have two sons Alexander who is 18, and Liam who is 4.    They enjoy reading, being outdoors, and spending time with their family. Alex is a unique young man.  Not only is he gorgeous but he is special needs and has the best sense of humor.  Thank goodness, since I called him AJ the entire shoot.  (Sorry Alex!)   I will make it up to you.  Check your mailbox on Thursday.  I got you and Liam a little something for being such superstars!   What touched me so much about these photos is the love that is present.  When I met Alex more than ten years ago I thought the same thing.  They radiate with genuine affection and have such a good time together.  That my friends, is what life is all about.  Click on the first photo to begin.  Then click on each photo to get to the next. 


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April 22, 2014 - 12:34 am

Wade - Wow… What a great experience we had with Bonnie. If someone had told me 10 years ago that some day Bonnie would be doing this kind of work and doing it so extremely well, I would’ve said they were crazy. But here she is and what a great photographer / artist she is! My oldest son, Alexander, is an extreme special needs young man, and normally something like this is out of the question. Even though he hadn’t seen Bonnie since he was somewhere around 4 years old, he took to her immediately and she was perfect with him. The shoot went so smooth and was a blast to do, thanks to Bonnie and how she was able to work with each of us and our personalities. No matter how well the shoot went, I wasn’t prepared for the photos.

When Bonnie sent us our link to the photos, I found myself get a little teary eyed on more than one occasion – she truly took some amazing shots. Somehow she was able to capture each of our personalities as well as make us all look our best. Thanks to her, we have some great, fun and beautiful family photos that we have never been able to get before.

I cant even begin to tell you how much I love the shots she took of my wife, Cyndi. Already a beautiful woman, her photos in particular were truly wonderful. She was able to capture all her beauty and amplify it along with her wonderful personality. Like I said before WOW!

Thank you Bonnie for what you did for me and my family. Without you, I am not sure we would ever have been able to get such beautiful, candid and resonating photos of our little family. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Artist Jean Porter

I have been doing some really fun stuff lately.   Helping artists showcase their work, enter contests for them, and taking photographs of their paintings.  I have even ordered Giclee’s to see how they compare to the original work.  I must say I am so impressed.  Using a professional photographer and lab, you can really capture the essence of the original work.   I have done some work recently for Jean Porter a local artist and she has a fascinating background.   Here’s more on Jean:

Jean Porter, an artist, was born in Virginia. She has degrees from Radford and Brigham Young Universities, but not in art! Her working life was in public schools and Community Colleges from VA to CA. After retiring the real love of her life began at the College of San Mateo in the San Francisco bay area in a drawing class. Her first instructor was from Paris, and a dream since 9 years old was about to come true!!!
This fulfillment began in 2000 in CA, and continued in 2002 when she moved to Tennessee and began studying under numerous well-known artists such as, Paul Jackson, Mary Whyte, Ted Nuttall, Alan Shurptrine, Anne Abgott, Iain Stewart, Joe Fettingis etc.
In 2005, at Rarity Bay, in her “le studio de jean”, Jean founded an art group called THE LITTLE TENNESSEE RIVER ARTISTS. Here, many residents began their artistic journey. She also created an Art Gallery in their Community Center.
Jean exhibits each year at the Tellico Art Guild Spring Show, at the Oak Ridge “Open Show”, and the Rarity Bay Little Tennessee River Artist Fall Exhibition. She has been juried into the Oak Ridge Open Show for 7 consecutive years! She is also a member of the Tn Watercolor Society.
Jean’s paintings can be seen at Hunter’s Cafe in Sweetwater, TN.   If you are ever in Sweetwater take a trip to Hunter’s Cafe.   She has the most darling cards and paintings for sale at such reasonable prices.    I got the privilege of seeing a bunch of her work, but only took photos of what she needed.  Check this out.  It is inspired by her trip to Budapest and the name of this piece is “Arriving in Budapest” by Jean Porter.  The Golden reflection on the water is breathtaking.  Did I mention her entire family is extremely creative?  It runs in their blood.
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