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Mama & Baby Session

There is something so pure about a Mama and her baby.  It’s a sweetness that passes so fast as they grow but always remains, a closeness that even the best poets have difficulty describing.   Perhaps that is why we Mama’s hold on to images of our little ones so closely.  It’s like remembering the smell of your new baby and finding it again through photos.  Click on the photo to go to the next, and so on.

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Sawyer & Noah | Sibling love

We are all moved into our new  studio.  Still have to do the finishing touches, but it is wonderful and I cannot believe how easy it is to shoot now that I have dedicated space.   Today was a natural light shoot with the cutest siblings around!

Sawyer who was born in late November, came back with his big brother Noah.   This family is amazing to work with (Nana Lynn is a frequent studio visitor).  Dad is a natural and Mom is so relaxed.   Thanks Autumn and Chase for letting me capture your beautiful family today.  I have too many favorites to pick from.


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Corporate headshots

I had a great time working with the folks at CBBC bank in Maryville.   Thanks to Low + Tritt for coordinating this shoot.  When a natural light photographer is faced with fluorescent lighting and plain walls we hope that our clients will come through the way we envision them.   This power pose, as I call it, is one of my favorite poses.  Simple, yet brimming with confidence and competency.   Contrary to what many body experts say, I see this position used more and more in modern head shots.  I love it.   The folks at CBBC really nailed this pose (particularly the women).   Here’s what I call the Power Pose.

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A trip for the soul

So much has been going on here. My husband and I are starting a Maryville based mediation business which has been very exciting. We are doing the last part of our training this week and couldn’t be more excited to start serving our community. Hopefully we hear about final approval in late January.  In the meantime, he has been busy with his law firm Point Counsel and doing work for Clayton Bradley’s STEM Academy,  and I have been plugging along with my photography work.  So if you are counting, that is THREE home based businesses we are working on.   Between training classes and keeping up with the businesses we are plenty busy, although the flexibility in our schedules is wonderful.   While it’s scary and nerve wracking, the best part is being your own boss.  This is something Josh and I have wanted for a long time.

I recently took a trip to Connecticut (my home base) and got to spend some special time with childhood friends. I can’t tell you how good this was for my soul. After all the change in our lives, it was just nice to be in a familiar place with old friends. While I dislike winter, I actually really enjoyed my entire trip, even the cold.   Here is one of my favorite spots to visit with Amy.   It’s just right down the road from her house, and just the perfect spot to relax.   Harvey Beach, Old Saybrook, Connecticut.


I also finally got to spend the afternoon with my girlfriend Amy and her two precious girls whom I refer to as my nieces, Ella and Lilly. (Don’t worry Katie, I am not moving in on  your auntie territory!)- but boy are they sweet girls.

Here are some shots from my trip. Thanks to all my friends for making it such a special trip with no pressure. It was wonderful.

Here’s a few shots of Amy and Ben’s cuties, Ella and Lily.  Ella is also Kathryn’s age.  (Yes, Sloane, Amy and I were all pregnant and due around the same time.)   Baby Lilly is 6 months.   Ella will be three in April.

Sloane and Vinny are having their second baby in the next few weeks and I had so much fun watching Rocco prepare to become a big brother.  Sloane and I have been friends since 4th grade.   And her son Rocco, and Kathryn are just 4 days apart. I didn’t get to bring Kathryn or Owen with me to visit,  but I will when we make a summer debut.   I ended up liking the snap shots I took so much I am using them as part of my portfolio of “lifestyle photography”.   There is still a few more I need to add, but I am loving these so far.  Rocco is going to be a big brother in about 2-3 weeks.   This auntie couldn’t be more excited.


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Meet baby Sawyer

Sawyer is just 7 days new.  He is a beautiful baby and I had so much fun capturing him.  I heard he has quite the big brother that is enjoying his company.

Thanks to Mom Autumn, and Dad Chase for sharing him with me today.   Nana Lynn is one happy lady!   My kids came home while I was editing these, and Kathryn asked me why the baby’s belly was broken.    I explained that all new babies have belly buttons like that.  Needless to say, she was very relieved.

But, seriously- can you think of a better holiday present than this?   New life is the best gift of all.    Hope to see you soon Sawyer.   Click on the first photo to view the next (and so on).


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Madison & Brian

I had the pleasure of shooting Madison and Brian’s maternity session last Saturday.  It was UT v KY and freezing (25 degrees) with a horrible wind chill.  But Maddy was a trooper and I couldn’t be more pleased.   She has helped me with numerous shoots and is also a photographer.  I am so excited to see their family grow.   Remember, Finley?  He is Madison’s nephew!   These two kiddos are going to have a blast discovering the world.


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Holiday Photos- Schedule now!

Ok everyone, I am doing holiday sessions this year.    The price is $149.00 and includes 5 digital files (high resolution print quality) and a print release.  You may purchase additional digital files and or fine art prints on any photograph in your gallery.  I will also be providing 50% off all prints (not digitals).   And yes you may use these digital images for your holiday card, in fact- we hope you do that!   I am not calling them mini sessions, because I want to be able to take my time with each client.

Here are your options:

A)  Downtown Knoxville (urban setting) 

I am offering them downtown Knoxville the following dates:

Friday Nov 21*

Sat Nov 22*

Sun Nov 23*

*Meet at the Hilton’s lobby (next to the Library and across from the UT Conf. Center)

B) Studio- Good for babies or very small kids  (cream and light blue background) Studio Sessions: 

Fri Nov 28*

Sat Nov 29*

Sun Nov 30*

So- I hope that gets you on the schedule and excited!

p.s.  If you wish to have your pets shot, please call me for a separate appointment.

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